Know Rule 240!

I recently was on a trip with United Airlines. It's a long story, but basically the short form is that the pilot didn't show up, our flight was about 2 hours late, and I was going to miss the connection, also on United.

A bunch of us were in the same boat (or plane) and so there was quite a buzz in the gate area, upon which a lawyer who knew something about air travel said, "Make sure you mention Rule 240". Huh?

Rule 240 is like a magic code word. When you use it with airline personel they know exactly what you mean and they seem to act on it (a little bit scared of it, even.) Rule 240 states that, if you miss a connection and it's the airlines fault (i.e. pilot doesn't show up, but not a snowstorm) then the airline is obligated to put on the next flight they have to your destination (free of charge) and if that's not possible, on another airline (free of charge.) Pretty amazing, eh?

Of course the rule is a little more complicated but that's the key idea. Read more about it here: Welcome to MY Travel
Posted on May 8, 2008 and filed under Life.