Should he have signed the letter?

Ok this is a bit irreverent.

There's been a spat relating to the note that Barack Obama wrote and left in the stones of the Western Wall (the "wailing wall"). This tradition goes way back.

The spat is about the fact that someone pulled it out and photographed it and it's been all over the papers.

I agree that this was an awful invasion of privacy and inappropriate, which is why I resist the strong temptation of putting a copy of the letter.

But how my weird mind works: the letter was a very nice generous and humble statement. But I found myself looking to the end to see how Mr. Obama 'signed' the letter. Well it was unsigned, which struck me for some reason as funny.

I mean I guess the intended recipient of the letter would know who wrote it. I guess that's the difference between a letter and a prayer.
Posted on July 26, 2008 and filed under Life.