A couple of interesting articles

A very interesting article in Edge.org (by the way, an always interesting site.) This one is called Moral Psychology and the misunderstanding of religion:
"I study morality from every angle I can find. Morality is one of those basic aspects of humanity, like sexuality and eating, that can't fit into one or two academic fields. I think morality is unique, however, in having a kind of spell that disguises it. We all care about morality so passionately that it's hard to look straight at it. We all look at the world through some kind of moral lens, and because most of the academic community uses the same lens, we validate each other's visions and distortions. I think this problem is particularly acute in some of the new scientific writing about religion. " (from Edge.org)

And a totally different, yet equally interesting article: "Smart Taxes: An Open Invitation to join the Pigou club". Among other things, you learn in this article what Pigovian taxes are:
"My topic for today is a policy about which there is a particularly large gap between economists and the public: Pigovian taxation.   In particular, I want to talk about taxes on energy-related products, such as gasoline taxes.

Not long ago, the economist Steve Levitt, coauthor of the best-seller Freakonomics, wrote on his blog, “For a long time I have felt the price of gasoline in the United States was way too low. Pretty much
all economists believe this.”  Levitt then went on to argue for higher taxes on gasoline.

At about the same time, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi had precisely the opposite perspective.  She announced “a series of hearings to address rising gas prices—focusing on the causes, the burdens they put on American families and businesses, and solutions.” (from "Smart Taxes: An Open Invitation to join the Pigou club")

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