So it's true: Google is releasing a new browser to compete with IE and FireFox

(updated at 12:08pm Sept 2)
"In a posting on a company site Monday, Google indicated that a version of the software, called Chrome, would be available for download on Tuesday. It said the software is designed to make it faster to browse the Web and easier to run applications without downloading software to a computer. The product will be offered on an open-source basis, meaning others can modify the software code." (from The Wall Street Journal)

Also see Silicon Valley Insider for interesting commentary:
"If you're thinking about "Chrome" as just another web browser, you're missing the larger point. Chrome will no doubt function just fine as a browser, giving you yet another icon choice to add to your browser collection alongside IE, Firefox, and Safari. It will also likely include some whizbang new features that force Microsoft and Mozilla to immediately retool their own offerings. But that's almost beside the point." (from Silicon Valley Insider)
Posted on September 2, 2008 and filed under Technology.