TSA and photo IDs

An interesting article from Bruce Schneier about why he believes that TSA requirement of photo IDs is a waste of time:
"The problem is that it is unverified passenger names that get checked against the no-fly list. At security checkpoints, the TSA just matches IDs to whatever is printed on the boarding passes. The airline checks boarding passes against tickets when people board the plane. But because no one checks ticketed names against IDs, the security breaks down." (from Los Angeles Times)
Particularly interesting is that he has specific instructions in the article on how "anyone on the no-fly list can easily fly whenever he wants". I remember a couple of years ago some guy got into heap trouble with the FBI for posting a little web hack for doing just what Schneier gives instructions for. I wonder whether Schneier will get a call from them? Nah, he's too well known!

Posted on September 2, 2008 and filed under Life, Technology.