How Corrupt is Our Language in Economic Discourse?

Check out this post How Corrupt is Our Language in Economic Discourse?:
"And as Deirdre McCloskey has put it, when your intellectual range is from M-N you think you are being open minded when you look at M and you look at N, but you certainly don't see A or Z.  " (from: from The Austrian Economists)
So now that I made a point about my skepticism about whatever politicians say about the economy (see "Who Can I believe about the economy") here's some more.One pal told me, nicely, that my appreciation for Paul Krugman was misguided, that Krugman's a socialist (whatever that means) and that Krugman's way off base and extremely partisan. Whoops. Now I am even more confused.
Posted on February 11, 2009 and filed under Politics.