[GEEKY] Check out Ruby Best Practices book (not yet out ! :)

As you know from a previous post, I've been working on a "domain specific language" for election ballot processing. In my search for information I got a pointer to a book called: Ruby Best Practices. It's not out yet, but it looks like it will be excellent.

You can get a sample chapter (which contained lots of information relevant to my domain specific language work) here.

In it you will "[... snip] look at a favorite topic for budding Rubyists. I’m going to share the secrets behind building flexible interfaces that can be used for domain-specific applications.". Hmm. Does that make me a budding Rubyist? I thought I had already budded :)

Anyway, I really got a lot out of the sample chapter and look forward to when the book is out.

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Posted on June 9, 2009 and filed under Programming.