More weapons of civic mass destruction

A while ago I wrote about weapons of civic mass destruction. I think it is very disturbing to see and hear the way Town Hall meetings being disrupted by enraged people aggressively questioning speakers in public forums.

It's not about agreeing with one side or another. But a community or a society or a nation fundamentally rests on basic conventions of civility and human interaction, and I am not sure exactly where it leaves us when those go out the window. I don't know really what concretely can be done to fight back to these disruptions without stifling discussion between people who disagree with each other, without stifling free speech.

I mean what do you do if you are trying to explain and respond a position (which may be unpopular with your listeners) and people start screaming and hollering at you. How do you respond to this without actually killing discourse?
Posted on August 9, 2009 and filed under Life, Politics.