Sophsiticated (odd) paywall at the Wall Street Journal

So I am trying to decide whether I should renew my subscription to Wall Street Journal online. I read an article hear and there in the journal probably every day but certainly not the whole paper. So I've been paying a little more attention to what that subscription gets me.

Here are some interesting findings:

If I go to (not logged in) and click on "Apple's iPad Changes the landscape for App makers" I get a partial article with a message that I should subscribe if I want to read the whole thing.

If I go to google and search for "Apple's iPad Changes the landscape for App makers" I actually see the whole article!

If within that whole article, I click on the print link, lo and behold, I only get to print the first paragraph. (Of course I could print the full article myself without using the print link.)

On the other hand if I go to and click on Kim Strassel's article in the opinion section, I get the whole thing without needing to log in.

Pretty fancy. Are they over thinking it?
Posted on January 29, 2010 and filed under Life.