[GEEKY] Switched from Firefox to Safari, and back again

About a week ago the new version of the Safari Browser came out for Mac OS X. I was swayed by the promotion and decided to use it for a while instead of Firefox 3.5. Here's my take, subjective, not based on a scientific analysis:

  • If Safari 4.02 is faster than Firefox 3.5.1 it wasn't immediately obvious to me. I think Safari starts up a bit faster but other than that, no noticable difference.
  • The new 'show all my most visited web pages in one screen' feature is pretty, but wasn't useful to me
  • I was constantly annoyed that Safari would open a new window when all I wanted was a navigation or at most a  new tab. (Yes I did play with the options but none of them fit my mode of use.)
  • I missed certain plug ins (especially ScribeFire)
  • The XMarks for Safari feature caused mysterious problems. Not sure whether it was XMarks itself or the plug in management in Safari.

All in all, a string on minor annoyances coupled with no special benefit led me to demote Safari and promote Firefox back to my dock!

Posted on June 27, 2014 and filed under Technology.