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"I am so disappointed in the government"
"Are we driving off a cliff with two sets of hands on the steering wheel?"
"What is wrong with those people!"

You can pick your own headline, depending on your political leaning. I remember my father, living in Curaçao 30 years ago, would admire the US Congress noting that it was the 'worlds greatest deliberative body'" No more. No more.
"Yet rarely has the political system seemed more polarized and less able to solve big problems that involve trust, tough choices and little short-term gain. The main urgency for both parties seems to be about pinning blame on the other, before November’s elections, for deficits now averaging $1 trillion a year, the largest since World War II relative to the size of the economy." (read the whole article in The New York Times)

Posted on February 18, 2010 and filed under Life.